AILAS is an initiative by academics and entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, supported by colleagues and others from the rest of Europe and the United States.

AILAS was founded by:

Daniël Boomsma (researcher, think tank Dutch Democratic Party)
Diederik Boomsma (PhD student, Leiden University)
Daniëlla Brals (PhD student, Amsterdam University)
Dr. Emma Cohen de Lara (assistant professor, Amsterdam University College)
Bart–Jan Heine (PhD student, Leiden University and lecturer, Thorbecke Academy)
Dr. Patrick Overeem (assistant professor, Free University of Amsterdam)
Peter Rauwerda (civil engineer, entrepreneur and leader of this project)
Dr. Melvin Schut (assistant professor, Amsterdam University College)
Ton Soetekouw (former CFO, ING Group)
Dr. Christiaan van der Kwaak (lecturer State University Groningen)
Dr. Patrick van Schie (director, Dutch Liberal Party think tank)
Gerard Versluis (PhD student, Leiden University)